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Central Texas Food Bank closes its doors Thursday due to winter weather

Central Texas Food Bank along with its food distributors will close its doors. Help Action is a good option for someone in need of goods.


AUSTIN, Texas — On Wednesday, Central Texas Food Bank told KVUE it will close its doors on Thursday due to winter weather. This includes the actual food bank along with its distributors.

“While hunger is a big problem, we don’t want any of our clients, volunteers or team members to risk their own safety in the conditions that are being predicted,” said a Central Texas Food Bank spokesperson.

By Thursday at 4 p.m., they said they’ll decide whether to reopen on Friday.

However, while this food bank is closed, there is another resource for families in need.

Help Action is a volunteer delivery system for those who can’t get to a food pantry or grocery store.

“So, people who are stuck at home … who couldn’t get to a grocery store – the elderly, the sick, anyone who is trapped inside – could put in a request for up to five food items, five of essential needs,” said John Hernandez, Help Action executive director. “It would find a volunteer who would take on that delivery request, pick up the items and drop it off to them.”

During the February storm last year, they delivered food to about 200 people. The icy roads didn’t stop them, and because their volunteer base is so big they expect to help as many people this time around.

The good thing about having so many volunteers is volunteers can decide to take on or put off the request depending on how the roads are looking by where they live. If they deny, it’s easily passed on for another volunteer to accept or deny.

Meals on Wheels, another home delivery service, told KVUE it did not deliver food this week, but all the clients are covered until next week.

Hernandez is happy people have an option like Help Action.

“Food accessibility shouldn’t be something that we’re worried about, especially during a major storm like this,” said Hernandez. “We should be able to use our phones just as easily to say, ‘Hey, I need assistance and I need it now.'”

If you’re looking to make a request for essentials head over to this link.

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Volunteers answer texts for help during pandemic, severe weather

People are stepping up their volunteer efforts through the El Paso-based nonprofit organization Nonprofit Exchange program called Help Action. 

El Paso Volunteers Answer Texts For Help During Pandemic, Severe Weather

EL PASOTexas  As El Paso continues on a warming trendthe rest of Texas is struggling to regain power and water in the aftermath of a crippling cold front that knocked out basic utilities for days.

El Pasoans  and people across the country  are volunteering to help that recovery from a distance.

People are stepping up their volunteer efforts through the El Paso-based nonprofit organization Nonprofit Exchange program called Help Action.

We created Help Action as an early response to COVID-19,” said executive director John Hernandez.

The person in need of assistance can specify that they can reimburse the volunteer for the itemsbut Hernandez said volunteers often pick up the tab without collecting payment.

Help Action has now expanded from El Paso to other parts of Texas and the United States.

Right now we’re helping everybody who has been displaced by the winter catastrophe in Austin and Dallas,” Hernandez said.

That dayan Austin resident shared a video to Facebooktagging Help Actionafter receiving a donation from a volunteer during last week’s severe snowstorm.

This lady from Boston was able to provide a 5-gallon water bottlemore water bottles and milk for me and my husband,” said Tasia Holliday from behind the camera.

Hernandez said in the year the nonprofit program has been in operationdemand and volunteerism has only increased.

This gives volunteers that power back where they can feel like they’re doing something for the community,” Hernandez said.

The Nonprofit Exchange is working with local food pantries to connect people with essential items.

“Saw this online filled it out and thought nothing will happen, but today I received a text saying the food was being delivered. I was surprised. Received constant updates and texted with both the wife and husband. When the delivery was made I was so grateful and surprised by the amount that was given to me. You both are amazing and I’m truly thankful and blessed. Thank you so much and thanks a million to this organization for doing what you do. God bless!!!” – Austin Delivery Recipient

Nonprofit Partnerships

During the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of volunteers through agencies across America are stepping up to deliver supplies to our most vulnerable. A majority of these organizations rely on manual communication methods to reach their volunteer base, which can be ineffective. 

HelpAction is seeking partnerships with nonprofit organizations and volunteer groups who wish to organize their volunteers to better serve those in crisis during these difficult times.

HelpAction.org opened public requests on May 22, 2020 and have been recruiting volunteers in El Paso, TX over the past month. Simply visit HelpAction.org to learn more!

HelpAction is a volunteer based organization launched by the Nonprofit Exchange, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, based in El Paso, Texas providing digital fundraising and technology tools to over 100 nonprofits across the nation.