CBS4 – Food Delivery program helps vulnerable El Pasoans

An El Paso non-profit group is creating a volunteer grocery delivery service to help El Pasoans who are vulnerable to coronavirus stay safe at home.

El Paso’s stay home order expired on Thursday, but many El Pasoans who face additional risk from coronavirus are still confined to their homes.

While many grocery stores offer delivery, they may not have everything vulnerable people need.

Now one El Paso group is rallying the community to step up and help.

“For the issues of this pandemic, it’s to help people who are unable to get to a grocery store themselves to purchase essential items,” said John Hernandez, executive director of Non-profit Exchange.

Next week, El Paso’s Non-profit Exchange is set to launch the Help Action network, a group of volunteers who will buy groceries for vulnerable people so they can stay safe at home.

“The first volunteer that gets the text, they get all the details about what essential items are needed, where the person is located,” said Hernandez.

One of the 30 volunteers who have already signed up is Shaenna Summers, a single mother who found herself with similar needs when the COVID-19 outbreak began.

“I realized it’s going to be really difficult for people who have sick kids at home,” said Summers. “For people who are single moms. For people who are sick themselves.”

Creators of Help Action said El Paso would be the perfect place to launch what could one day be a nationwide volunteer network.

“I’ve been so proud of El Paso,” said Summers. “I love the way when we’re in times of hardship, this community really binds together.”

“Once we have it launched in El Paso, we can launch this throughout any major city that sees a need for it,” said Hernandez.