If you’re a nonprofit agency or food bank in the US, HelpAction can be a valuable asset to your operation. With our on-demand volunteer service, you can get the help you need when you need it most.

Our platform allows nonprofit organizations to act as dispatchers, managing time-constrained volunteers and assistance requests from communities throughout the city. This way, you can focus on what’s important: serving those in need. Whether it’s delivering food to families in need or providing disaster relief, HelpAction is here to help. So don’t hesitate to sign up today and take advantage of our service. Together, we can make a difference.

  • Nonprofit 501(c)3 Agencies 
  • Service Based Clubs / Organizations
Nonprofit Agencies - Distribution Assistance

If you serve a vulnerable population in need of local volunteer support, consider partnering with Help Action. Through the Help Action platform, you can coordinate the delivery of resources and services with our pool of on-call volunteers. 

COVID19 has affected many of the direct-to-client services that nonprofits have been providing for years – if not decades. The need to transform the standard ways of providing services and develop new intuitive systems to communicate with clients and serve their needs is more apparent than ever.

Help Action streamlines the volunteer recruitment process to provide qualified and passionate volunteers interested in furthering your mission. Our platform automates text-based communication with volunteers and clients requesting help.

Nonprofit agencies access request forms within the portal to receive distribution assistance for essential items that need delivery. HelpAction can provide a organization-specific request page for you to put in requests for your essential items to be picked-up and delivered by a HelpAction volunteer, to a people your organization services. 

Sample volunteer message:

Emergency Food Pack pickup/delivery from (organization address). (Organization Name) iis requesting a delivery for {requester_name} in {zipcode} {landmark}. Emergency Food Packs are free for pickup at (organization address). Would you like to help your neighbor and complete their delivery request? Reply YES or NO

Service Based Organizations

Helpaction is currently looking to partner with service based organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lion’s Club, Junior League, etc) who have a volunteer pool they can integrate to manage the incoming requests from those most affected by covid19.

Our Commitment to Success

The Nonprofit Exchange defines success of the HelpAction platform as the assurance that no one in need of essential items slips through the cracks. We measure our progress by tracking number of requests, response and delivery times, and feedback from recipients. Improvements to the platform update on an ongoing basis.