Our Mission

The Help Action platform was launched to provide contactless service delivery of critical resources. Organizations like local food banks, pantries, and other agencies looking to distribute resources to clients access a pool of available volunteers looking to help their community members. 

How to Volunteer
  1. Sign up to become a regular Help Action volunteer
  2. Select from incoming requests to fulfill from a instant text messages submitted in your area
  3. Coordinate delivery and communicate directly with recipient requesting the order.
  4. Fulfill order and repeat when you are next available. 

Request Assistance
  1. Submit your request for help with critical resources such as food, cleaning supplies, or other essential items.
  2. Connect with a Help Action volunteer and receive regular text messages and automatic updates on your request.
  3. Secure contactless delivery of your request.

Nonprofit Partners
  1. Request distribution assistance from our Help Action volunteers.
  2. Coordinate pick-up and receive ongoing updates on the status of the request order.
  3. Follow up with your clients once an order is received, ensuring receipt of goods or services. 

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How It Works

The premise is simple: Become a Volunteer or “Shopping Angel”, and receive text alerts with requests from people in need; parents, nonprofit organizations, healthcare workers, neighbors who have had their income interrupted, or people with underlying medical conditions. Help

If you choose to accept the request based off the message: items, zipcode, and local landmark, you will be connected directly with that person to coordinate dropoff time and location. We understand that volunteers will not always have a trip planned for the day, and if you decline the request; That’s OK! The assistance request message will then be sent to the next volunteer down the line and keep moving down the line until an available volunteer can take on the request.

Health Guidelines

We require our volunteers to practice contactless deliveries to the greatest extent possible. Contactless deliveries allow items to be delivered at a doorstep, keep the volunteer back to a distance greater than 6 feet away while verifying receipt of the delivery, and maintaining all communication electronically. This eliminates the need for close contact between volunteers and the person getting the delivery.

Who We Serve

HelpAction is based in the Southwest of the United States, Paso del Norte region of West Texas and Southern New Mexico. We currently operate throughout Texas and Illinois and are available to launch in any state. HelpAction is currently in the process of  expanding coverage to additional regions of the country; please check back for updated locations.